I stayed only two nights in Aucklands capitol.  I had accommodation at Trek Global, Wellington.

Day after my arrival from Picton I did a Walk About. Visit some outdoors and bicycle shop and also a visit at Victoria Mountain.

Previously, I had decided to take the bus to New Plymouth and visit Rhys and Diana, a couple I met on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China.

Really looking forward to this. They seem to be nice and funny people to hang out with.

The bus leaves at nine from the train station and arrives at 16.50 in New Plymouth.

View from Te Pa Wellington

Fruits of the Garden sculpture at evning dusk, Wellington waterfront.

Wellington from Mount Victoria

Morning after I cycled 3 km to the train station and seven hours later we arrived New Plymouth.

The trip to New Plymouth went without mishaps or problems and we arrives about 215 minutes before schedule.

On the bus there was a man from England, Roy and when he saw my packing and bike he became curious.

I told about my cycling trip and then he was so excited that he invited me to a beer in the tavern across the street.

Just 16.50 I see a familiar face with bicycle helmet, Diana and I become both happy and warm in the heart.
Then comes ”Smiling Bill McCall” Him Self, Rhys!!

His smile doesn’t go missing and also his voice when he says ”P-G”

I have been waiting for this moment a long time and now it is true.

Before we ride home to Rhys and Diana I have time to drink and toast with Roy. We also take Selfies together with Rhys & Diana

Three lovley people in New Plymouth

After our beer Rhys took me for an scenic bicycle ride through the rainforest park. as I will never forget. So beautiful that I forgot that my bike weighs 50 kg with all the panniers.

Their house 


Their house is located on the edge of the rainforest park. Can you have your house better located than this? especially if you are a dog owner?

Lying in the living room in front of the fireplace

The next day I first took a walk with Gerald and then Rhys gave me an new scenic bicycle ride. This time we cycled along the Coastline walk. Lots of people, cycled, walked, jogged or just sat by the side and had a nice time.

This bridge, Te Rewa Bridge has won a world design price 2011

This coastline walk path is one of the best and most beautiful I ever ride on.

Rhys gave me a wonderful day after the coastline

Before we continue to the peak of New Plymouth, Paritutu Rock we stoped at a cafe by the coastline.

Then we visit a big Vulcano top , 157 m.a.s.l and the view from he top was amazing

Panorama view över the beach and coastline

Impressive view of New Plymouth from the top of Paritutu Rock

The following days I took it easy. Occupied with Gerald and visited New Plymouth city center, museum and art gallery visits.

Also got to follow Diana home to one of her four sisters who has a horse farm outside the city. Really nice to meet new people like this.

Diana is also a horse women, She has two horses herself


Diana loves horses She rides five, six days a week.

Archie, Allie and my lovley GERALD. (excuse me If I spelled the names wrong to two of the dogs)

These dogs like water and retrieval.

Lake at Pukekura Park

Gerald in Pukekura Park

Waterfall in daylight, Pukekura Park

This waterfall in the Pukekura Park, close to the Tea house was lighted every night with different colors

I stayed at Rhys, Diana and loved Gerald for four nights. Really had an absolutely wonderful and relaxing time here. Good food oh drink and a bedroom that gave me nice nights.

I also have Gerald to thank for the fact that their time was memorable. A memory for life.

Both Rhys and Diana have a heart of gold and they are prestigeless.

I had tears in my eyes when I closed the door to Gerald and his bed the day I left New Plymouth

This morning when I left New Plymouth was a sad day. Will forever miss GERALD.

Of course I also miss Rhys and Dinkie as she is called.I may well say as the end text to all BOND films

I’ll be back

Thank you RHYS, Diana and Gerald for an unforgettable stay at your place

See Yeah Later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist