When I left Tarragona after three days of necessary rest I was ready for cycling up to Andorra and then into France. The weather has become much more hot and the flat roads had nto Tarragona was gone.

Instead I get nice little villages to cycle through and beautiful scenery. Some slopes was really tough and  was glad if  could manage 80 km per day.

This women gave  me water and a Cold COLA

A short break to rest and refjlljng my water bottles


A BULL A typical symbol of Spain. Saw several similar set up along the roads and at a height

the last camp before entering Franc. This place s only 10 km frpm Berga Village

Last tent camp in Spain


Spain has lots of cozy villages in the mountains and in every one you always find a bar and a pub for an cold beer.

Spain is a nice country to do a bicycle journey in, It is a country where they like cycling and cyclists.

Next time I am in France

// P-G

The Global Cyclist