I woke up 06.30 and the first thing I did was to open my computer and connected  into Swedish televison , SVT to check what happened in the parliamentary elections (every fourth Year)

After that I load my bicycle and then a easy breakfast 100 m down the street.

I eat dumplings and jiuniang, which is very common breakfast in this part of China

Dumpling consists of pieces of dough. The dough can be based on bread, flour, or potatoes, and may be filled with meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits, or sweets

A very common breakfast dish fore Chineses

Jiuniang is simple only a rice soup. In Yunnan Jiuniang is a sweet, soup- or pudding-like dish. It consists of a mixture rice grains floating in a sweet liquid.

Jiuniang a rice soup which also is very common as breakfast start

Up to the bridge I had to climbe a lot to get to the connection path that brings me to the bridge.

After some km they let me know that the night’s rain has destroyed the road and it’s closed. A landslide from the mountain has blocked the road.

Just face it. Trying to access G56 is not an option, the personal at the tollgate will stop me with force if it is necessary.

Just turn back to town and find a other route southweast, a real disappointment.

First 10 to 12 km was very bad, bumpy, wet and muddy road.

The road look more than a muddy field and it was very slippery.
The wheel tracks from the trucks were deep and filled with water so I had to be very cautious.

Then the road surface became much better but instead I had to climb up the mountain and passes all small villages.

Around half past twelve I stoped for lunch and my GPS show that I only cycled 27 km.

After eating noodles with meat and a lukewarm beer I jumped onto my bicycle and continue to pedaling upwards for another 15 km.

At three o’clock, its start drizzling and also the fog.

Sometimes I did ’nt see more than 6-70 meters neither saw the end of climbing.

At five o’clock I ended up at the top and I was totally exhaused. Now  10 km downwards on wet asphalt down to Sigexiang.

The mist was tight and I didn’t see much of the valley I just climbed through

Was lucky to stay just outside a cheap hotel, got a room on the third floor.
The only thing I was thinking of right now after almost 60 km was to rest my legs because they were tired.


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