7 Juni

I slept well, even though it was cold during the night. The weather is half cloudy and my first 4-5 km is upwards but then downwards.

When I arrive at Mont Louise after about 45 minutes of cycling, I stop at the first restaurant for an simpler breakfast.

The swihtchbacks from Mont Louise was something extra to ride

Now the weather also has change from cloudly to full sunshine and now I had to face the swihtchbacks.

The rest of my cycling to Perpignan was easy but warm. I stoped at Villefranche-de-Conflent for a short break and a cold beer and my legs was still fresh. No slopes.

The original town dates from 1098, and was fortified because of its strategic position in lands that changed hands between French and Spanish occupation.

Late afternoon with good tailwind I enter Perpignan but I only stop for ab  Coffey before looking for the route out of town towards Narbonne.

After some mess with Maps.me, I found a small, tight but nice cyclepath. No cars only cyclists, pedestrians and dog owners. 

Som km outside Perpignan after a small cyclepath i pitch up my tent.

Next day to Narbonne was flat and long distances after a cycle path , EuroVelo 8, that goes after the coastline.

Bridge over Lake Leucate ou Sales, Étang de Leucate

Just before half past four after easy cycling but a number of stops for water refilling, I cycle over the Canal de la Robine in Narbonne.

This canal goes through Narbonne out to La Berre,

My plan is only a short coffee break and close to the main street I saw a cafe at the train station.

I leaned the bike against the wall and would walk in when I see a dog and its owner lying against the wall.

I pat the dog and then when I tried to give him a cookie he bite me. A gentlemen comes up and ask if everything its OK.

He fixes a bandage and helpt me with my wound, and then he asks me to sit down at his table.
He also buy me on coffee and a croissant At the same table he has two friends, all three are from Australia.

These guys in Narbonne helped me with bandage, after being bitten by a dog outside the cafe

The man with the beard is Miles Coverdale and next to him Gordon Lanman and the man to right, who helped me, his name is Murray Murfetts

I sat with them for an half a hour and we had an nice an interesting conversation. I really enjoyed this moment, it was very nice and generous of them.

Then I continue my pedaling north and my plan today is Bezier, around 30 km away. Some small slopes but nothing to argue over.

Before my tent camp I cycled into a small village, Nissan-lez -Enserune for more water, a beer and to charge my mobile phone.

15 km further I found a tentplace above the main road among some pines and only few km from Beziers

Tomorrow I  hopefully have an  beautiful and nice cycling after Canal dú Midi and my goal is Montpellier


See Yeah later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist