21 september I left China and heading Vietnam as I heard so much positive about. Almost 2 month more than 3600 km through had been both high and lows.

My Route through China, 3600 km


  • Their surveillance systems and controls are hard to understand. On several occasions, I had the police as a companion behind as I cycled, and at one point in Chaqiliq, also known as Ruoqiang in Xinjiang region they forced me to ta a flight to Ürümqi without any really good explanation.  
  • Has later understood that the authorities do not want foreigners to see the conditions and how the Muslims are treated in this region. 
  • Most Chinese’s English skills are very low and communication and making themselves understandable 
  • Difficulty to find hotelroom because many hotels does not allowed to receive foreigners. 
  • Most of the road signs are in Chinese and very difficult to understand.  
  • Problems with the Internet, many social media and Google are blocked. You will have to use a VPN tunnel client.
  • Issue to withdraw cash from ATMs. Only a few works, ex. Bank Of China.


  • Most of the Chinese people are friendly and generous. Several times they invited me for lunch, coffee, beer
  • The roads are very good
  • China is an beautiful country, especially in mountain areas. 
  • I like the food, very tasty and  wholesome I think, and also quite cheap
  • Yunnan Valley is more than beautiful. Imagine that in spring it must be indescribably beautiful with all flowers and flowering trees

To get the most out of a China trip, it is an advantage if you speak a few words and phrases in Chinese or that you are traveling or cycling in a group with a Chinese guide.

In spite of the problems, I would not like this cycling trip to be undone. I have learned and seen a lot.