When I arrived to Europe, Faro in Portugal I stayed ther for two nights before I cycled to Carvoeiro and visiting my workmate Maggan and her husband Lars.

View from my bedroom window in Faro which I arrived to very late

In the name of truth, it feels good to be back in Europe.

From Faro to Carvoeiro it is a easy cycling, only few slopes.
I arrived to Carvoeiro around 3 o’clock in afternoon and the sun was smiling to me.

Carvoeiro center close to the beach

I called Lars and fifteen minutes later we were sitting om their terrass and bowls in champagne.

Cheers at Lars and Maggans Terrass in Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro is an small town, the population is less than 3000, but many non-Portuguese residents live in town, they have bought their own condominiums.

The lighthouse at Carvoeiro

I Understand them, the city is very cozy, just big for me and here you will find all the services you need.

I stayed with my friends three nights before I start my journey against the Spanish border, Ayamonte.

May be this will be my next career..!!

The last night they invited me for an extra good dinner, Cataplana.

It is very, very, very good

Local restaurant and Cataplana

It is a Portuguese seafood dish originating in the southern region of Portugal in Algarve, and it is about as traditional a Portuguese dish as you can get.

After three relaxing and joyful days in Carvoeiro it was time to move on against Spanish border

The route from Carvoeiro is relatively flat so it took me only two days to Vila Real de Santo António, the last Portuguese city before crossing into Spain and Ayamonte.

Before I enter Vila Real de Santo António I did camp at Fuseta.

My plan is now to cycle to Sevilla, Valencia and then over Andorra into France.
Now, you are probably wondering why I also do not visit Barcelona?
It is not an unwritten rule, to visit ”Barca” when You are in Spain?
My be for some, but not for me. I think the town is to busy and I also heard that ”Barca” is quite expensive.

The weather is opposit from the perfect cycle weather I had i NZ.
25-30 degrees and the sun is shining hot from a blue sky all day long.

Coffee is cheaper, also beer and ”cold drinks”, like Mojitos. The most is cheaper than ”Down Under”

See Yeah Later
// P-G
Ther Global Cyclist