Still have not come across the disappointment of not visiting the Orangutang Center and seeing the animals from the inside. What to do, just grasp the nettle.

I stayed to nights in Palangka Raya if anything positive would come from BOSFs head office in Java.

To days later I got an answer from BOSF, and they thank me for my collection but also say that new routines have been introduced at the Rehabilitation Center and that voluntary work now has strict rules.

Just to pedaling further south. Saturday, mid-day I Cycled into Banjarmasin, a quite a big town, around 630 000 citizens. The city is also called the ”River Town” because it is surrounded by several large rivers.

In Banjarmasin I also find a very well-assorted bicycle shop and ask them for help with a new front tire and mount the same. My current front tire is worn out, not much pattern left. 

An extra night in Banjarmasin before heading towards Balikpapan and a flight to New Zealand and Christchurch.

Reads on the news of the dreadful terrorist attack in Christchurch. Hopefully it calms down before my plane lands on the island.

See Yeah Later
// P-G

The Global Cyclist with broken dreams