From Pontianak to the next hotel destination, it is about 750 km, calculate 8-10 days to reach there.

Route planning is no problem, it is in princip only a single road to Sampit, if you do not want to find all the small gravel roads.

This portal was on the top of a very tough hill I hade to climb

First 50 km is quite easy cycling and very flat. Then I have to fight on like a bad guy, no long slopes, but very many and steep. During a forenoon I counted that there was a slope up every km and of course also downwards. To this, the weather,  it is very warm and also very humid. 

This little lonely child wonder who I am and why I stayed outside his home

On the third day of my cycle route to Sampit, I have to ask for a ride. A truckdriver that will pick up palm oil fruits will be my rescue. I ride with him to 25 km from Baru.

From Baru the landscape has changed and it is more flat and from here I take myself to Sampit by cycling.

On the outskirts of Baru I had a fun an amazing meeting. A French girl, Blondie ,has with hers kick scooter,model larger cycled all the way from France and her goal is like my own Balikpapan.

This amazing girl has with her klick scooter cycling all the way from France

Has difficulty understanding which outstanding performance she has done and also alone.

At this entrance to a palm oil plantation, I was promised to sleep in one of the guards’ rooms. After two hours, I gave up. Ants and insects made me crazy. Instead, I pitch up my tent outside the entrance to the guardhouse

The landscape has for the first few days been hilly, green but also very much oilpalm plantations.

The rain forest is everywhere and it is dense. Unfortunately, I also see how the rain forest is destroyed to create new oil palm plantations. Wetlands are dried out and then the ground is burned.

Peat land drainage

This means that the animals that lives here, Orangutans, do not have anywhere to obtain food. and their habitat is destroyed forever.

Too many of the orangutans die, others, especially the kids are caught and sold as pets. For me a cruel and unworthy handling.

But there are also very beautiful nature in Borneo

I arrive at Sampit the seventh of March and book two nights at a fresh hotel on the of town.

Two days of rest, laundry of dirty clothes, shower and preparation for next hotel destination, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Nyaru Menteng.


See Yeah Later
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