I left New Plymouth, Rhys, Diana and GERALD with a little sadness. Will miss them a lot.

This morning when I left New Plymouth was a sad day. Will forever miss GERALD.

The next two days I cycle to my final destination in New Zealand, Auckland. May 15, my flight departs to Portugal and Faro.

New Zealands coastlines are ”world class beautiful”, Beach close to Awakino

Oystercatchers going to what?

There are lots of sheeps in New Zealand. 27 millions or 5,46 sheep per New Zealanders

Sometimes there can be very close and curious, but mostly skittish

During the night it was raining and windy. Fortunately, the rain ceased when I would pack up and ride away

View from Meremere lookout

My last camp night was close to Waikato river at Mercer

The bike trip to Auckland was pretty easy going, except the last hill up to Bombay Hill.

This was my second-last challenge in NZ. 5 km tough uphill to Bombay Hill

Coming to New Zealand’s largest city just after two in the afternoon and Maps.me helps me find my booked hostel, Queenstreet Backpackers on 4 Fort Street.

I stay in Auckland for four nights and have both time to rest, vote for the EU election and SkyJump from New Zealand’s tallest building.


From this tower I sill Sky Jump, 192 meters down, my last Challenge


First it was scary, real scary. For a few seconds I had thoughts of interrupting my jump… but I didn’t First it was scary, real scary. For a few seconds I had thoughts of interrupting my jump… but I didn’t, then I just felt only euphoria.!! Wow It was awesome, fantastic, stunning, fabulous, breathtaking

Day after this Sky Jump I did my longest flight ever. From Auckland to Bali where they had to refill fuel. Then to Dubai and waiting for connection flight to Faro in Portugal. Total flight time 29 hours!!

By By New Zealand, I gonna miss you a lot

Your entire country is a great World Heritage Site

See Yeah from Europe

// P-G

The Global Cyclist