Here the farmers load latex, Wrang Prachan, Thailand

The question is entirely legitimate to ask and the answer always will be …. excitement,  exploration, curiosity, learning, realization of a dream, and meet other cycling nerds Bildresultat för smileys

Some people close to me, shaking there heads and wonder.. are you nuts? Yes, a little bit.

I’m sure it’s necessary for doing a trip like this and I only have one life and it’s too short to wait to realize a dream to another day.

You do not know what happens tomorrow… make it true while You can!

I also have another legitimate goal with this trip, raising money for the endangered orangutans in Borneo and their habitats. Read more about it ”Fundraising

I should be very glad,  honored and overwhelmed if You would join my journey and fundraising for Save The Orangutan Center in Borneo.

When I have finished this journey, am I sure I’ve memories and experiences which a rare luxury for most and this is also a reason why I’m pedaling around our globe.  

– see ya –

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