The drive from Khorog to Dushanbe took 14 hours. The first 100 km was so dusty and gave me big problems with my trachea and breathing.

In addition the jeep shooked and jumped up and down so it was impossible to rest.

When we came to Green House Hostel there were lots of bikers, but no problem to get a bed

The next day we booked the flight home with Somon Air  or rather to Frankfurt, no flight to Arlanda.

Dushanbe international Airport. Flight back home with Somon Air. No flight to Arlanda, but to Frankfurt

Unfortunately, there are not many flights from Dushanbe to Frankfurt so we had to stay five days in Dushanbe before the flight departed.
The rest of the time before the departure to Frankfurt was to wash clothes, packing the bike in an approved carton and just getting the time to go.

On 7 September at 23.30 in the evening, the plane departs and is expected to be in Frankfurt 08:30 local time.

A long flight, but I had a good sleep

From Frankfurt train to Malmö and then home to Örnsköldsvik, even this trip by train of course.

My feelings are divided, its feels safe to come home and be medically examined properly but at the same time a great disappointment that I had to cancel my planned trip around the world.

”Shame on the one who gives up” I will will return

I am already planning to return from where I cancelled my bicycle journey at the beginning of next summer July 2018. Everything depends on what the medical examination says. 

See yeah
// P-G

The Global Cyclist