As soon as I landed at Portugal’s airport, I got problems with my pollen allergy.

It got worse in the next few days but worst when I came to Seville and Valencia.

Sneezing, nasal discharge and itching, as well as ocular itching, tearing and redness.

The cycling from Portugal Carvoeiro to Ayamonte in Spain was pretty simple. Camped in Fuesta and then in El Rompido before I entering a hotel in Seville.

Here I stayed two nights with heavy pollen allergy. It was so hard that I had to take the bus to Valencia.

In Valencia my pollen allergy was worse so I had to stay an extra night to recover a bit

I also fixed my brakes, both in front and rear. Visit some Valencia Landmarks and try to treat my allergy as good as I can myself.

The part of Valencia I stayed in is quite cozy. Many small alleys and streets, lots of bars, pubs and restaurants.

From Valencia three days cycling to Tarragona mostly by the coast. Some tough slopes, flat tires and a broken wire to the rear gear cassette

The weather is warm, sunny but not so much headwinds.

See Yeah Later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist