19 February
We arrived to Soekarno Hatta Airport at Jakarta few minutes befor 24.00. My next flight to Pontianak will departure 15.20 tomorrow.

The first I did after landing was to look for an VISA at Arrival desk, and apply for extended stay at Borneo.
My Swedish passport allow me to stay for thirty days without VISA but an extended VISA givs me xtra thirty days.

The officer told me that an extended VISA receipt cost 30 US dollars and then I only need to visit an immigration office which I can find in all cities of Borneo to get my x-tra 30 days

I paid him and then through pass control before I pick up my luggage from claim 6.

Unfortunately, one of my bags, the tent bag is missing.  A personal from Guarda airline established that. Together we made a registration and I left my mobile number and e-mail and also get a mobile number to call them.

To find a quite place to get some hours ton sleep was impossible but I found a cafe with a secluded spot near the window.

The rest of the day was just waiting for ”take off” and a lunch. The airport i quite big and very nice decorated with small flower gardens:

Forty five minutes before departure I head towards to Gate 20 and my flight to Pontianak.

On board I fell a sleep almost immediately and I didn’t wake up until the air-hostess came with food and a drink.

Soon I’m on Borneo Soil. Feels a little unreal that I’ve managed to get all the way to Borneo by bike

Twenty five minuts later I was on Borneo soil  and Pontianak city. My missing bag will appear tomorrow.

Now I’m just going to find an TAXI

To find a cab big enough for my luggage and bicycle carton was easy. Just before 6.30 PM I check in to Merlita hotel and room 332

One thing is for sure, I’m going to bed early tonight, ”dog tired”. 36 hours without a sleep is to much for me!!

Good night and see Yeah later

// P-G
The Global Cyclist