25 -27 April

After searching two days for a place, bar or restaurant to rinse my neck with a cold beer I finally found a bar, just a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Aston Hotel serving beer at theirs bar and close the hotel reception I also found a Irish pub.

Unfortunately, it was closed but the guard outside said they were opening at five.

I visit the bar and order a icecold local beer and I sat down by the window with a view over the ocean and sipped the beer gently .

Yeah, Yeah Finally a cold beer for my throat

At the Irish bar I drank Heineken and it tasted good as always

It looks like a Irish pub.  Lots of beer and softed music

Then I walk back to my hotel doing nothing until six o’clock when I visit the same hotel and the Irish pub.

Despite Saturday night the pub was pretty empty. Could count to 4-5 people.

The pub really looked like I had imagined how an Irish pub would look:

Two Heineken in calm and comfortable atmosphere. Then I walk towards the hotel with satisfaction.

Next day a calm day. Washes up some clothes in the hotel’s laundry room which was handled by a younger woman, then I asked the receptionist to order a larger taxi for the next morning and at 07.45.

My flight to Christchurch and New Zealand departs from 10.55 am:

The rest of the evening in front of the computer and SVT program, Biathlon World Cup.

See Yeah Later from Christchurch

// P-G

The Global Cyclist