The orangutan is headed for extinction

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The reason for this fundraising

Every time I watch a reportage about oil plam plantages makes me so sad, angry an frustated to see the growing deforestation and there seems to be no end to the devastation.

The rainforest is first of all a home for many animals in general and in particular for  Orangutans, but also the local people are addicted what the rainforest can offer.

The burning of forests to clear land for oil palm plantations in Indonesia and, also Malaysia is one of the major cause of the air pollution that affected many areas of Southeast Asia in recent years. 

Thousand and thousand people dies every year because of that Therefore, I have decided that during this bike ride, I shall kill two birds with one stone. (figuratively) and together with Your help to contribute and collect money for Save The Orangutans organisation and theirs Orangutan Rehab Center in Borneo.

 – It’s the least I can do – 

Save the Orangutan believes that orangutans have a place in nature – also in the future.

But Borneo’s rainforest is disappearing, and the wild orangutan is threatened with extinction.

Quote With the help of dedicated contributors, we have been working for ten years to ensure the survival of the wild orangutan and halt clearance of its rainforest home.Quote

If you feel the same frustation like me join my fundraising by clicking the button above for more information HOW TO CONTINUE.

Your participation is important whatever how much you want to contribute with

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