April 27

The taxi driver appears punctually and 20 minutes later I load my bicycle carton and six bags on a trolley.

The Garuda in checking personal at Jakarta Airport  got interested of me when Then found out that I cycled all the way from Sweden

Search up Garuda check-in counter and all my bags. Then a coffee break at Starbucks cofffeebar.

The best of all was that I was not needed to take care of my luggage until I enter Sydney”s airtport.

My firstt stop and a new flight destination  was Jakarta. Had to wait here for 11 hours.

Then I find out that my wait in Sydney on flights to New Zealand is longer in 8 hours and then I have to apply for transit visa, ETA.

Easy to fix from their website. Took me 30 minutes to get my E-Visa direct to my email account. Good service

My flight to Sydney departure 23.10 local time so I have lots of time to eat, drink coffee, refreshing my self and then just relax.

No problems with check in and the plane is an Airbus with little more space than regular flights so You can get into sleep more comfortable than usual.

See Yeah from Christchurch, New Zealand

// P-G
The Global Cyclist