When I come to Liupanshui my plan was only to stay one night but it end up at four.

In the early morning I felt something is wrong with my body. I was tired and had minor ache in my body.

After breakfast I checked my fever and the thermometer showed 39.3 C.

OK, just face the situation and try to rehab fast as I can.

From the reception I got a Chinese trick!! maybe it’s a world famous trick.   I do believe I’ve been heard it before!!!

  1. 10 cl rum (minimum she said)
  2. Two raw eggs
  3. and rest of the glas with hot milk
  4. Then fill up your bath with hot water and jump in

Receptionist’s proposal for fever cure


45 minutes i stayed into the bath

and then I crawled down into a Nice, Warm, and cozy bed together with CNN news all day long

Egg and hot milk the receptionist gave me, and the rum I already had in my bag.

I fixed the cure and filled up the bath with hot, hot water and jumped in.

I sat i the bath almost 45 minutes and then crawled down into bed, searched for CNN on television and watched the circus around Donald Trump all day long.

CNN must be one of  the best News Channels in the world

For safety I also took three Ibuprofen pills.


The morning after I felt little bit better but not enough to jump on my bike.

My fever had dropped to 38,4 C. I arranged a new cure and then in bed and more CNN

Now I hope I’ll be better tomorrow otherwise I need to visit a healtcare center.

See Yeah, from a nice, warm and cozy bed at Four Point Hotel in Liupanshui

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