The flight from Auckland went well, but it was a long one, almost 29 hours.We had to stop at Bali to refill fuel and next stop was Dubai.

The airport, is Huge, Big and Exclisive

The airport is the world’s busiest airport at international passenger traffic.I had to wait here for 13 hours before my next flight to Portugal and Faro.

Late evening, just before midnight my long journey flight was over and now to look for a taxi that could take me to Faro city and my hotel, Alameda Exclusive.

One thing is for sure, I am tired, very tired. Few minutes before 3 o’clock i crawl into my bed and fall asleep immediately.

View from my bedroom window in Faro which I arrived to very late

Tomorrow I will call my work mate Maggan and tell her that I will enter Carvoeiro saturday afternoon.

Since then, I have planned to visit her and you are Lars, who has your apartment there

I going to miss New Zealand, NB Plymouth, Rhys, Diane and GERALD

Gerald a 12 years labrador and Border Collie dog and I love him

See Yeah Later from Portugal

// P-G

The Global Cyclist