From Beziers I follow the Canal du Midi and it was a nice surprise

The Canal also named as  Canal de las Doas Mars, meaning a canal of the two seas, is a 240 km (150 mi) long canal in Southern France

Locks at Bezier

Ther canal is quite old, around mid or 1780.After the canal lie lots of small boats by the river bank, some of them for tourists but also home for others.

Lots of boats lies by the riverbank

French tourist and bicycle authorities have really done a good job which continued to maintain the canal and also provide the canalroute with a cycle path

Long sections after the canal look like this. Very, very nice to cycle on

There are also a number of locks and the boats are waiting to get through

The cyclepath is mostly packed with gravel either or paved, but some parts are very tight and on some short lines it has grown again.

Some parts very tight…!!

However it is a very nice cyclepath. Its end up in Agde and here I stopped for a beer and coffee before I continue after the coast all way to Montpellier, also long parts of cyclepath.

In Montpellier I booked two nights and done almost notning other than rest my legs and relaxing at hotelroom


The next few days the landscape island changes a little character. mile after mile of agricultural landscapes, vineyards in lots, cherries and plum crops also very common.

Lots of crops with cherries after the road

Ther flat roads I had until now is history, Now the climbs begin, at least one long slope everyday, 6 to 10 km long.

Some days climbing was a big part of my cycling

After this break the rest of the climbing up to my tentplace was easy…!Tomorrow more climbing up to Salut and then to Châteauneuf-de-Chabre


See Yeah Later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist