18 February

My flight to Pontianak and Borneo depart late Monday night and the taxi driver pick me up at hotel 16.00.

Forty five minutes later the taxi stops outside Terminal three and entrance 4.

I load my bags and bicycle carton on a trolley and then looking up airline Guardas check in counter.

My trolley is full loaded with my panniers, bags and bicycle carton . By By Singapore

Everything works fine until they scanned my passport. Now arises a issue I overlooked.

The Indonesian immigration authority requires an outbound ticket from Indonesia and a I don’t have an such ticket.

No entry without an outbound ticket tells the woman behind the counter.

What to do now? On the bottom floor at airport there is an travel agent. I explain for travel agency woman my problem and after a few minutes searching she said …

– I can book you an outbound ticket which you can show at the check-in counter!!
– After two days I will cancel it. You don’t have to pay anything.

She prints out my exit ticket and 10 minutes later I get my Bording ticket to Jakarta and the to Pontianak. 

My luggage handles the maximum weight of 30 kg,  and my bicycle is free och charge!!. 
First time ever, Thanks GUARDA

Two hours waiting before bording so I have lots of time for coffe and a sandwich break.

22.05, exactly according to the timetable my flight is taxiing out towards the runway and then we take off from Singapore to Jakarta

See Yeah Later from Borneo and Indonesia
// P-G
The Global Cyclist