Soon I will leave Borneo för my third continent, Oceania and New Zealand.
My flight was scheduled to depart April nine but due to the fact that I did not get access to BOSF in Nyeru Mentang, I will try to change the departure time to around March 26.

My route to Balikpapan was quite easy but the heat was something else. Some days it almost kill me.

I cycle through a number of small villages, communities and cities and everywhere I arrive with.

The people of Indonesia and Borneo may not be as good in English but most of them are always ready to help.

In Tanjung I got huge problem with my spokes, four of them is broken and my rear wheel wobbles a lot.

The bicycle service guy seems to have a free day because he never shows up.
I decide to take a bus from Tanjung instead. Too risky to ride with four broken spokes. I don’t want to crash my wheel.

It seems that Balikpapan is a popular destination, two buses were crowded with people but the third one that came around 21.00 had place for me and the bike.
The road was bumpy, narrows and curvaceous and the average speed was not high.
We arrived at Balikpapan early in the morning.
From the busterminal, about 10 km outside Balikpanan I cycled into town and found a budget hotel quick. Booked three nights.

Then I used google maps to find a good Bicycle workshop. Two 2 km from my hotel and along the main street Rodalink bike shop. I also ask them for an Bicycle carton which they havde a lots of.

I leave the bicycle and walk back to my hotel with the carton on my shoulders.

Now I need to find a place, hotel, bar, restaurant where de serve cold beers. Has not taste a real beer since early March in Bengarasi.
But whatever I look for, it seems very hard in this Muslim country to get a beer.
I do not give up, know that there are only looking hard.

Somehow I will find a beerbar, pub or restaurant serving Heineken, Amstel, Ankor… Worth waiting For

See Yeah later
// P-G 

The Global Cyclist