P-G Fahrbring
P-G FahrbringThe Global Cyclist

You can’t buy happiness

but You can buy a bike and travelling around

and that’s pretty close

(for me it is everything and more)

CK ORNEN, a Bicycle club and team in Örnsköldsvik

That Keeps You Busy


 – J O I N – 

Who Am I?

I’m an safety and work environmental engineer who has decided to realize my dreams by an bicycle journey around the globe.

My thoughts on such a trip has been in my minds for a couple of years and these have grown up  more and more so last year I decided that now or never.

During the last 10 years on my holidays I’ve loaded my touring bike with panniers and biked around Europe and Cuba and these experiences have influenced me to undertake the journey I have now planned.

I took the decision to resign from my job and plan a bike trip around the world instead I Promise You that you see a lot when you pedaling along small roads and villages. You can stop whenever you want to, talk to people you are meeting along the roads and

I can not recall how much I try, met anyone who threatened or scared me, just rejoiced My joy to explore a country and theirs culture from a saddle is more than happiness, it is indescribable.

I am also aware that I will end up in tough hardships, headwind, rain, cold, dusty roads, long slopes, roads that ends up  in nowhere, problem with the bike, and so on but surely just as many situations where I can find meaning with the journey and just rejoice.

Yes that is true, believe me.

I have only one life to take care of  so for the next 2,5 – 3 years my bicycle and my tent will be my home most of the time

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