From Sampit to BOSF it is about 200 km. My Kart application, Maps Me also shows that there are not many slopes to ride uphill. Quite easy.

For every km south I come the more clearly I see how the rainforest has been destroyed. Lots of wetlands are drained out.

Understands that organizations such as BOSF are really needed to try to rescue these fanatic animals. At the same time, the pulp oil plantation gives lots of people work and livelihood.

There are ecological alternatives to conducting palm oil production, but then, as consumers, we must impose demands to the importers to promote the ecological alternatives.

After just over 100 km I see the portal to the Nyaru Menteng arboretum on my left side.

The portal to Nyeru Menteng arboretum

The first I do is to stop at a big tent right after the intersection where it seems to be something that resembles a wedding. They play music loudly and dancing, some are eating.

Some of the girls shouts to me to dance with them, first I hesitate, but then I jump over the rope and starts to dance like them.

It seems to be appreciated for many people who sit and eat laughing, crying and applauding. Yes it was fun even for me.

Two kilometers later on I turn into an even smaller road and then I see the portal that says that this is the BOSF rehabilitation center for Orangutans, I arrive, have reached my goal.


When I got into the rehabilitation center I asked for an meeting with one of the plant’s managers. It was a woman in her forties.

I told her about my bike trip and my collection to Saver The Orangutans Foundation and that I wanted to be a volunteer for a week up to ten days. Had previously been promised that this was not impossible and  it could be managed at the local center.



Bildresultat för tears'


It is now that my great disappointment arises.Bildresultat för tears'


She says that new rules apply to the center and that my vaccinations and vaccination certificates that I present first must be verified by a special doctor.

Then I must now have permission from the head office at JAVA.

The only advice she can now give is that I send email to the main office and tell them do what my wishes are.

To get into the area and see the orangutans is not possible without first having been approved and then five days in quarantine.

I feel pretty empty inside and my disappointment is without the bottom.

I cycle back about 10 km to a hotel to get over my disappointment and then send an e-mail message to BOSF on Java and ask to visit the rehabilitation center.

Unfortunately, I do not have much of a hope that it will fixed.

415 days on bicycle, 21500 km and 20 countries and my dream seems to end up like this.

See Yeah Later
// P-G
The Global Cyclist with a broken dream