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The flight from Auckland went well, but it was a long one, almost 29 hours.We had to stop at Bali to refill fuel and next stop was Dubai. The airport, is Huge, Big and Exclisive The airport is the world's busiest airport at international passenger traffic.I had to wait here for 13 hours before my next flight to Portugal and Faro. Late evening, just before midnight my long journey flight was over and [...]

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Only one week left in New Zealand

I left New Plymouth, Rhys, Diana and GERALD with a little sadness. Will miss them a lot. This morning when I left New Plymouth was a sad day. Will forever miss GERALD. The next two days I cycle to my final destination in New Zealand, Auckland. May 15, my flight departs to Portugal and Faro. New Zealands coastlines are "world class beautiful", Beach close to Awakino Oystercatchers going to what? [...]

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Two nights in Wellington and Four unforgettable in New Plymouth

I stayed only two nights in Aucklands capitol.  I had accommodation at Trek Global, Wellington. Day after my arrival from Picton I did a Walk About. Visit some outdoors and bicycle shop and also a visit at Victoria Mountain. Previously, I had decided to take the bus to New Plymouth and visit Rhys and Diana, a couple I met on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China. Really looking forward to this. They seem to be nice and [...]

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West Coast ride to Nelson and Picton and ferry boat to Wellington

From Hokitika my plan is to cycle by the coastline up to Westport andf then cross the island over to Nelson and Picton from where the ferryboat over to North Island and Wellington departure. My first 60 km was quite easy bike, no slopes or mountain passes and the scenery was also nice. I passed Greymouth without to stop and continued to Runanga where I did a short break for Coffe at a small cafe. [...]

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Hokitika and my bike fixed

The bus tour to Hokitika took about 3, 5 hours and the road was outstandingly beautiful. It is seldom you get to experience such beautiful landscapes. Morning lights and fog over Lake Mapourika. It's quiet, no traffic. You get a spiritual thought when you see such views. In Hokitika, I stay two nights at Mountain Jade and Backpackers hostel. I got the bike fixed, new rear tire and three new inner tubes and [...]

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Hiking among the FJ glaciers

While I was waiting for my bus to Hokitika I took a jeep ride up to one of them. An helicopter trip had cost me with the cheapest option 270 NZD. Ten minutes flight, five minutes on the glacier and then back the same way. Had I wanted to stay longer it would have cost over NZD 400. The Jeep trip cost 25 NZD and then I could have an agrement with the driver to [...]

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The Glaciers and rear tyre explosion

From Bruce Bay to Fox Glacier was quiet easy cycling but Chilly.  The landscape I ride through is good so incredibly beautiful. Green everywhere and also lots of cows and sheep. ' The roads are narrow and winding, some tough slopes but also nice views. I arrives at Fox Glacier at 16 o'clock and finds a good campsite with laundry facilities, shower and kitchen. Fox Glacier is an small village Everything in the village [...]

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The Bruce Bay and the Glaciers

After two rest days at Wilderness Accommodation I was ready for the next goal. Glacier resorts or Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. The first day's cycling was both easy and tough, hilly and steep, but also very, very beautiful. My first  stop was at Ship Creek Walk but the flies was to many and aggressive so I stayed only few minutes. My next stop was more was more necessary. Three tough slopes made my legs quite [...]

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Tasmanien sea and Haast

WEST COAST NEXT I woke up tired and frozen and the tent canvas was icy. I skipped the breakfast until later when the sun has rised up. Morning from Hasst pass was cold and wet The route down to the coast is easy, mostley downwards and flat. The road is in some places dark with moisture so I need to keep a cool head and not let the speed take over. After around one [...]

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The most beautiful cyclingroad I ever ride on

The morning os cold and I feel frozen. I slept restlessly during the night, probably because of the cold. No breakfast, not in a mood making breakfast when the temperature is below zero. First two three km upwards, then flat for an km but the last one a really tough climbing up to Lake Hawea lookout. Divine but cold morning andf Lake Hawea is also with me If I was exhaused few minutes ago [...]

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