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The flight from Auckland went well, but it was a long one, almost 29 hours.We had to stop at Bali to refill fuel and next stop was Dubai. The airport, is Huge, Big and Exclisive The airport is the world's busiest airport at international passenger traffic.I had to wait here for 13 hours before my next flight to Portugal and Faro. Late evening, just before midnight my long journey flight was over and [...]

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Soon I entering the eight contry

From Erzurum it was quite easy cycling to Burgulak and the Iranian border. Though there were a few small 6-7 km long steps to work out. I still cycle through huge valleys and more mountain slopes and passages. They are big and magnificent Just to the right of this mountain passage I se´t up my tent and I woke up in the next moirning together with hundreds of sheep Breakfast with a [...]

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Visum pickup in Erzurum and a Goalkeeper

From Tirebolu I have had a few days of beautiful and adorable cycling but also some hard and tough slopes In June, it's for Muslims their fasting month and then it's hard to find cafes and bars where you can eat and drink coffee so far the sun is up. In Gumushane I get help from an old teacher to find a coffeplace and it was a Little secluded in a narrow alley. After my [...]

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Samsun and caravanpark

During my cycling trip from Istanbul to Sumsun, I get a message from Bernd who harrowed the route to Samsun instead because of all the harsh climbs We decide to get in touch with each other when I arrive in Samsun, but first I drop to Tosya which lies about 170 km from Samsun In Tosya, I look up a bicycle repairer and I also get invited to participate a Ramadan dinner by some young [...]

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Flat tires and Meeting with Bernd again in Samsun

I continue my cycling up and down through Turkey and fascinated by the great valleys. THEY ARE SO GREAT AND MAGNIFIC. You are so small and insignificant among these Mountains. Flat tire  very clse to Atakaracalar My first and second puncture I get near Atakaracalar. Just turning the bike up side down and changing the hose. My next camping below a mountainside before Illgaz and the evning was something extra when I lying [...]

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Istanbul and some problems and climbing to Boulo

Istanbul is a city with many faces, both European and Asian. The city is boiling, but at the same time it is very exciting to experience. Istanbul is a city with many faces, both European and Asian. The city is boiling, but at the same time it is very exciting to experience. While I'm waiting to get on a tour operator who can give me a LOI, I'm a little involved with Bernd, his daughter [...]

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Going for Istanbul and RAKI

We woke up around seven o´clock and the sun was raising. Both me and Bernd seems to have slept well. We had breakfast, Ayran with Müsli, bread and tea and before we left our campsite we talked about next biketrip to Silivri Nice place but lots of empty PET bottles and other debris From here onwards to Istanbul, the societies are getting closer and out of every village and city there was always [...]

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By Bulgaria, Turkey here I come and the meeting with Bernd

I woke up in the sun's sign but the breakfast will be just coffee and two thin cakes because I forgot to do some shopping last evening. Thought I would find some small country shop last night, but no. I have to wait untill I come to Malov Tarnov where I have about 15-17 km and normaly do not usually take so long, but it did. It was as hard this morning as I had [...]

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Leaving Bulgaria for Turky and a russian couple

I left Sozopol in sunshine and the road down towards Tsarevo is flat and easy-cycled and I have a headwind. When I reach Tsarevo, which is a small and quiet city, I stop for coffee and eat a bun, I have with me. Then out of town against Malko Tarnov and first km no problem but then the challenge starts with big C. Only a few slopes to rest the legs but then the next and [...]

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Walking about in Sozopol

Sozopol and especially the old part it is very cozy to walk in, small old and narrow streets and many cozy bars and restaurants here and there. No unusual sight in the old part of Sozopol, smal, narrow alleys The inner boat Harbor in Sozopol The smal harbor is also special, small beautiful blue boats are tied up. I walk around slowly in the old part of Sozopol just to look [...]

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