The Bruce Bay and the Glaciers

After two rest days at Wilderness Accommodation I was ready for the next goal. Glacier resorts or Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. The first day's cycling was both easy and tough, hilly and steep, but also very, very beautiful. My first  stop was at Ship Creek Walk but the flies was to many and aggressive so I stayed only few minutes. My next stop was more was more necessary. Three tough slopes made my legs quite [...]

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Tasmanien sea and Haast

WEST COAST NEXT I woke up tired and frozen and the tent canvas was icy. I skipped the breakfast until later when the sun has rised up. Morning from Hasst pass was cold and wet The route down to the coast is easy, mostley downwards and flat. The road is in some places dark with moisture so I need to keep a cool head and not let the speed take over. After around one [...]

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The most beautiful cyclingroad I ever ride on

The morning os cold and I feel frozen. I slept restlessly during the night, probably because of the cold. No breakfast, not in a mood making breakfast when the temperature is below zero. First two three km upwards, then flat for an km but the last one a really tough climbing up to Lake Hawea lookout. Divine but cold morning andf Lake Hawea is also with me If I was exhaused few minutes ago [...]

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Two days in Twizel, Lindis pass and Lake Hawea

I Stayed in Twizel at High Country Lodge & Backpackers for two days. I think it was necessary. Shower, and laundry up some clothes. Twizel is an very small town, but very cozy and close to Mount Cook. Then, I have few nice and unforgettable bike days through valleys and up over mountain passes. I don't get enough of these beautiful roads and views Soon I reach Twizel and a much needed [...]

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Crossing South Island to West Coast

From Rakaia to Geraldine it was a quite easy and nice bicycle riding. The landscape changes quite a bit, from the flat and vast areas to more hilly and forested. The roads also become narrower but also more beautiful. When I leave my campsite just outside Geraldine, the weather becomes more chilly. It is now really noticed that it is autumn. Planted in 1953 as a reminder that Queen Elizabeth II visited this city [...]

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I Love Christchurch and New Zealand

I stayed in Christchurch for a little bit mor than a week. Four days after I landed on Christchurchs airport I got my tent back from Bio Security Authority company and now I allowed to use it everywhere on the island. I also took a bicycle tour down to Lyttleton and the coast road back via Sumner beach. Nice view down and Christchurch in the background It was a little bit tough to [...]

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Christchurch, NZ, Continet 3, Down Under

April 28, Christchurch 08:00 Kiwi opens Kiwi House Hostel and the receptionist book me in for three nights. I got a six-bed room on floor two, 61-4 and lower bed. However, she says that I cannot use the room until after 13.00. She also shows me around the hostel, the kitchen, the dining area, the TV room, where to shower. What rules apply etc. I pick upp some little to eat out of the food [...]

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New Zealand Next and ants in my tent

It is not easy to fell into sleep at plane, but after a hour I sleept. Woke up when the air hostess asked if I wanted breakfast. We are landing quite exact 09.30 Sydney airport. All controls without problems, as well as getting my luggage and my bicycle carton. Then I search for my check in desk och checkar in mitt bagage. Of course, I have to pay an extra fee for the bicycle carton, [...]

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Flight day to New Zealand

April 27 The taxi driver appears punctually and 20 minutes later I load my bicycle carton and six bags on a trolley. The Garuda in checking personal at Jakarta Airport  got interested of me when Then found out that I cycled all the way from Sweden Search up Garuda check-in counter and all my bags. Then a coffee break at Starbucks cofffeebar. The best of all was that I was not needed to [...]

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I found it, twice

25 -27 April After searching two days for a place, bar or restaurant to rinse my neck with a cold beer I finally found a bar, just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Aston Hotel serving beer at theirs bar and close the hotel reception I also found a Irish pub. Unfortunately, it was closed but the guard outside said they were opening at five. I visit the bar and order a icecold local [...]

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