Three wonderful days and magnificiant views from Cameron Highlands many tea plantages

Half my bike ride is now done Three km before Tanah Rata in Brichchang I passed 20 000 km with my bicycle ! ! Tanah Rata lies about 1440 m.a.s.l and its a popular place for tourists. No problem to find a hotel that fits your wallet.  thoroughfare and main street south and passing my hotel   I choose a hotel close to the thoroughfare, post office, banks, restaurants, coffeeshop and [...]

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Monster climbing up to Cameron Highlands and Tanah Rata

After an extra night in Kamunting I had quite easy cycling on winding small roads among all plantations to Parit. Here I stay for three nights and just feel good. No stress, good hotel rooms and cheap food. From Parit up to my destination Cameron Highlands and Tanah Rata, it is just under 110n km. Seventy of these miles are mostly uphill. If the slopes are not hard enough, the heat contributes to the rest. [...]

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Now I’m leaving Penag and George Town and heading southeast

After almost 6 weeks on island Penag and George Town its time to go further, southeast heading Cameron Highland. My bicycle is up to date, new tyres and rear cassette and I also bought my self a pair of new bicycle shoes. The other shoes had done their job, almost 20000 km, so it was time for new fresh shoes This is my last picture from George Town, and I'm ready for new rigours [...]

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Brief information about George Town

George Town is located on the island of Penang, one of Malaysia's largest islands and known as Malaysia's food paradise.  Map over Penag Island Penang is the third largest economy and is the only part of Malaysia where the population mostly consists of Chinese and Indier During the 18th century when Penang was under British rule, the island of Pulau Ka-satu was named and the island was also called the pearl of the [...]

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Good environmental news from Malaysia

Good News from Malaysia Due to my concern about the deforestation of the rainforest for oil palm plantations, Malaysia announces that they will not allow anymore oil palm plantations and that they will protect 50% of the rainforest. Perhaps the protests against the deforestation of the rainforest begin to pay off! See Yeah Later // P-G The Global Cyclist and member of Environmental Parti, Sweden  

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Gets a glimpse of the Pabuk storm

The news shows and reports on the unusual tropical storm "Pabuk" that hit southern Thailand. The meteorological department said the storm had maximum sustained winds of 47mph when it made land shortly after noon, but Malaysia is lucky and Pabuk will only touch the island of Penang which I have nothing against. In the evening when I am down at one of the beaches, I see how the sky gets really black and the rain [...]

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New Year in George Town and climbing at walls

To day is Thursday January 3 and I am still left in George Town. My dengue fever has left me and also the worst ache, but instead I got some stomach problem, I feel little bit nausea. Just now I climb the walls and I feel mentally pretty bad. I dont feel any stress since I have 90 days to stay in Malaysia before I need a Visa, but I want to go to Borneo... [...]

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