Phuket and meeting with Sofia and then Malaysia border

After four nice days on the island of Koh Phangan I heading for Phuket 300 km south west . Three days on flat roads, many latex and oil palm plantages and meetings with nice Thai people, and heat!! These men invited me to taste and chew Khat He it is, , the leaflet prohibited in Sweden Here in the southern parts of Thailand it is obvious that palm oil cultivation is [...]

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Bangkok and then Koh Phangan

Getting from the border to Bangkok took three cycling days but the last 50 km were tough. Trouble crossing the road. Had to take me over a three meter deep and wide ditch Very traffic and big roads with multiple files. If I missed a turning, it was very difficult to find back without cycling towards the driving direction. Most roads are separated with concrete barriers. When I reached Bangkok, it took me [...]

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Thailand next on my route

I leave Siem Reap and Mad Monkey hostel just before nine o'clock. Has about 160 km to the Poipet and the Thai border. Two days I have assumed that the route should take. The road is flat and very straight, the heat is still something I do not get away from. After the road I see many small ponds and artificial lakes with lotus flowers. Reminds of water lilies but becomes much bigger, more than [...]

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Angkor Vat and Floating Village

At my first cycling free day in Siem Reap I went to visit Angkor Vat and including three other temple ruins and a beautiful sunset from Bakheng Hill. We were 12 person in the group, plus the busdriver and an englishspeakble guide from India. Standing in front of the famous five towers in Angkor Vat Angkor Vat i something extra to Visit, almost thousand year old and  it has an atmosphere that is [...]

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Three days cycling to Angkor Vat

Has now left Phnom Phen and bikes north towards Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, the world's most religious temple. 315 km flat road but still the heat is difficult. For the first 50-60 km I follow the Mekong River, after which I only the river's tributary. I'm horrified over all garbage and plastic they throw everywhere, along the way and in the rivers. Here in Cambodia it seems there is no sustainable recovery plan. Several [...]

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