Lanzhong, Nanchong and Maps.Me make me crazy

After Hanzhong I headed for Nanchong and Luzhou and all day long I rode the G212 up to the mountains and between all the small  pitoresque villages. It must be harvest time for corn in this region right now, because in every city corncobs and corn are spread to dry. Sometimes the whole village is yellow. After harvest, corn cobs laid out on the road to dry Everyone seems to be a maize [...]

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To day everything happends

The day begins with a climb of nine miles above the mountain, but first I have to fix my puncture. After reaching the top of the mountain pass, a long decent and steep slope. In a left bend I crash on wet asphalt. It went well, only Just superficial damage,  No fractures. Thanks for that. In a left bend I crasched on wet asphalt. Then get another puncture but get help buying new [...]

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Noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Today I ride out of Hanzhong and it was surprisingly easy. Then many small roads before I got on the  national road G 108. The heat is the biggest problem I have to struggle with. Otherwise, all good. Landscape is primarily agricultural land and there are not many green areas that it is not cultivated, and it seems that every Chinese is taking agriculture and cultivation seriously I entered Da'an at 18 o'clock and eating [...]

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Hanzhong and an Irish pub visit

A few days of beautiful with tough cycling over the mountains and hospitable inhabitants, I cycled into Hanzhong on the morning of August 18th. After lunch, with some difficulty, I was looking for a hotel who had a license to accept foreigners. Hotel Guo Mao is quite in the middle of town and I get a room on the thirteenth floor. After shower and change a walk in the area. After an hour's walk, I [...]

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Wonderful cycling over the mountain heading Hanzhong

After my rest in Xian and Xianyang my journey begins to Hanzhong and then towards Shangri-La. Finding out of Xianyang went well with Maps.me. Had some problems where new road construction did not match the map. FINALLY and I have longed for this, I left the desert landscape between Hotan and Chiqiliq. Now it's agricultural landscapes and green areas that are more eye-friendly than stone and gravel. When I arrive at Zhouzhi after about 80 [...]

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After no end of bother

After the disappointment and the ill treatment I received in Chaqliaq. I'm now up and about to continue my itinerary to Shangri-La and then to and cross over the world's highest suspension bridge in the world, Beipanjiang Bridge , which links the province of Guizhou and Yunnan. Beipanjiang Bridge over Beipan river But until then, I'll stick to the G18 roads. Itinerary from Xian/Xianyang to Chengdu The weather is still very [...]

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Leaving Urumqi and heading Xian/Xianyang and

Leaving Urumqi and Xinjiang Province, taking me to Xian in Shaanxi Province. This province should not be as police-controlled as Xinjiang, as I hope. Arrives at Xianyang Airport at lunchtime and tries to find a hotel that foreigners have permission to book. Getting help from a young girl in the information desk. She even arranges for the hotel owner to come and pick me up at gate 224. I stayed in Xianyang for three nights [...]

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Forced to leave Chaqiliq (Ruoqiang) for a new destination…?

The reason why I have to leave this county is a riddle for me and no explanation is given either. Perhaps just their fear of what strangers can see and report. After breakfast, a police officer and a taxi driver drove me to the airport, about 20 km north of the city. They know informed me that I shall be flown to Urumqi. The first thing that struck me was that the airport is similar to [...]

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Desert for more then 300 km and police state’s behavior

From Qiemo or Cherchen as it is also called the desert cycle that applies. Straight roads and nothing to see more than sand, gravel, some green bushes and lots of truckers. Nothing to see, just cycle on.May comfort me with all the different road signs that appear.Unfortunately, I do not understand what all text means, which would be fun to be able to Sand and tents are not a good combination, so you [...]

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Three nights and four days of cycling and policeescort

The next four days were mixed cycling. Police escort when I was  cycle through Xior. The Policeofficer told me that Xior is an old town and has no hotels. I did not believe him! After 50 km I was again free. I wonder what they are afraid of. It has been rumored that ISIS and the Chinese mafia are active in this area, Xinjiang, and that there have occurred terrorist acts. This may explain why [...]

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