Kashgar next and the safest bike route I ever had

I wake up just before seven but was not sure If Rhys said Bejing time och Bishkek time so I waited to half past seven before I knocked on their door.  Rhys Iphone clock has changed back to Bishkek time, so it was only half past six instead of half past eight.   40 minutes later we both sit and have breakfast at a restaurant near the hotel, Diane passed. The bike ride towards Kashgar went [...]

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Irkeshtam China and new friends

My very first step on Chinese ground During the night it has blown really, but Hilleberg's Allak is also able to manage this kind of weather Have slept so-so but ten hours may still be considered satisfactory. Before crossing the Kyrgyzstan border, I stoped at the same cart as last night and order coffee, two fried eggs and a fried bread. I  brought with me two cans of yogurt and some sweet buns that I bought [...]

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Leaving Kyrgyzstan and going for China

Goodby Kyrgyztanm now China waiting Now I'm leaving Kyrgyzstan with good memories. Kyrgyzstan has been a positive surprise to me and now is China waiting. Unfortunately, I've heard sad stories about how my meeting with China will be. Security checks, Police officers looking after to check visa and passports. No knives allowed, no tentative etc. Shortly after nine, I am on the bike with Irkestham direction, which is the Kyrgyz border control The [...]

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Sarymogol, The yak, horse and culturer festival end up in sordino

One night at the campground was enough, their WiFi was not good enough for me!! In the village I found a Homestay Eliza which had acceptable access and speed. After one night here with two Spaniards, my plans was to ride  to Sary Mogol and then up the mountains to Tulpar Kol where the festival was to be held. To SaryMogul there was 35 km of simple cycling, the road was good, asphalt and no slopes [...]

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Thankful pass and Sary Tash

From Osh to Sary Tash is about 180 km to ride and also a lots of climbing, Thankfully, the road  and surface is very good.  My first 45 km was quiet easy but then I had to climb up to the top before I had downward for almost twenty km down. The view from the peak and down was amazing. The climbing up was worth the effort.  I woke up that the rooster was crazy like a [...]

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I did’t Akbital pass 4656 m.a.s.l

Last night I layed in my sleepingbag ans listened to the audiobook Ninth Grave and had a hard time falling asleep. I suspect it was the high altitude that WHO gave me the problem but I also had a little trouble with getting too much sunlight during the day so today there will be long pants and and careful climbing up to the top If I managed to climbe over the mountain pass, which I expect, it [...]

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Altitude 4656 m – Akbaital pass

I had set the wakeup alarm to 0645 but did not get up until 7, had chosen the option Sat-Sun instead of everyday. I'm not in a hurry. Before my breakfast  I pack all my stuff together for later pack them into bike panniers The weather is clear blue sky and Sweden warm, 14 degrees Celsius, good 😉 It's going to be a tough day today and depending on how I handle further elevations, I [...]

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The day I meet an UZBEK Operasinger

Woke up just before 0700 and feel rested. Did not freeze the smallest, but with these quilts it would almost be impossible. Had a god breakfast insider the main building, jak youghurt, bread and something with rise. The weather is a little bit cooler than yesterday so I start with long pants and with my pale yellow raincoat jacket. Then I cycle away from Alichur heading Murghab, about 100 km away. After 10, 12 km [...]

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Hot bath in Jelondy and a sleept in a Yurt

I've sleept well and the weather is clear blue sky and warm. Low traffic, only few trucks and some Jeeps, mostley of them transport people between Khorog and Murghab and futher I had some stop for water refiling and lunch break. I needed not to pay for te and cookie For me, a Swedish man it's sometimes Hard to belive that People can live amongs mountainbike like this. Most of the landscape is [...]

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First cycling day on my restart

As Always the first day is worst, before you have become familiar to sitting several hours on a saddle and pedaling up and down. Dancing and drumming women in colored clothes I also notice during this furst cykling Day that Tadjikistans had some celebration  60 yeras since Iman Mubarak. Every village had decked with ballons, flowers and lots of music. My first tent camp I had after about 55 km heading Jelondy.   [...]

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