Missed the ESC and a worried woman in a Range Rover

In Silestra, which is also a border city to Romania, I decided to join a hotel just because I would like to see and listen to the Eurovision Song Contest but unfortunately, I did not see and heard much of it. Fatigue took over and I heard only a minute of Robin's vocal performance. I was probably in greater need of sleep than music. Had planned my next routertrip  to Dobrichi, but instead I chose [...]

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My sixth country in six week

After six weeks I´m in Bulgaria and  surprised that everything went so well, maybe not everything. A stolen mobile phone Balmazújváros could I have been without, but otherwise without problems. No damage, upset stomach, just tired legs sometimes and so this eternal headwind Both in Poland, Hungary and Romania, dogs have barked and chased me, sometimes nasty close to being bitten, but hope I do not get the bit, knock on wood. I cross the Danube [...]

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Long time since last blogg

When You reading this blogg  I've left Hungary for Romania and a new chapter in my cycling calender will be  started. I'll never been i Romania with my bicycle before,  so for me it's exciting. The first town I get into is Oradea and when I did that I realeased I been on my global journey now for one month and I still enjoy it. Oradea Square, big, magnific and Clean. If You never visit [...]

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My meeting with a world famous father and the summer is here

Have sleept as well as possible despite campsite beside the motorway and no rain. Today I'm going to cross the Slovenian border to Hungary. No Control just passing the borderline. Madness and Crazy, but a fun experience in the end. Just  70 km later and heavy headwinds after dull road and many sunflower fields, has forgotten how many. I cycle into Miskolc just after 12 a Clock and some houres earlyer I send inquiry to several [...]

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A short visit to Slovakia but beautiful one

From Poland's untidy plains and farmlands there will finally be a bit more bite. Slovakia is a little more mountainous than Poland and more to look at. May seem to be a stupid reason, but it's views, untouched nature, exciting meetings and challenges that drive me on this bikeride. Crossing river Podora at Mnisek nad Popradom       Just 100 meters after the bridge I camped all alone and I was [...]

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