Going for Slovakia and Hungary

My first week in Poland was a little bit boring. Dull and straight roads, not everywhere but almost. But above all, the weather was cold and windy and I had to cycle with down/feather gloves most of the time   Still not really realized I'm on an almost three year bike ride around our World. My second week was a bit warmer but not less windy, and apparently the spring has  gone  a little bit further [...]

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First week in Poland

Sweden good bye for almost three years, now Polen is waiting and I have no expectations of Poland either. Never been here before. From Gdynia to my firts campingnight the biggest problem was to get out of Gdansk. Lots of road Constructions made me and my navigator some problems. Well out of Gdansk, the biggest problem was the rain that only increased, but late afternon it's stoped. I believe that each pole has at least [...]

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Spring comes closer

Almost mid April and clear signs of spring are visible but summer far away. Bicycles for small dirt roads between towns I did not think were on the map, but here people live in the middle of the wilderness. In Nässjö, I will stay for a toilet visit at a "Resecentrum" then go on to Vetlanda, Astrid Lindgrens dear hometown. The weather still cool and the dun gloveds are needed. In Nottebäck at a bathing [...]

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More headwinds and forest paths to Tidaholm

April 11, and the night was chilly. Breakfast and then off to Skovde, stopping at the Max restaurant and drink coffee. Just outside the town say a signpost to the road 26 does not permit cyclists. Take left towards Paradissjön and then on the narrow, sometimes closed gravel roads, some of them are only forest roads. Branches, twigs, pine cones and holes are also common timber piles. Forest road with no traffic, just me, the [...]

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Headwind, Göta Canal and chilled friends

To leave Karlstad was a little sad moment but necessary. The weather was Ok , just a little rain The wind has changed to crosswind which means that my average speed fell dramatically.   About 22 km north of Marierstad at Söderfors I crossed one of many channels of Göta Kanal. Before I continue towards Mariestad I call Hakan and Birgitta and says I'm on my way. Finds out that they are significantly colds and [...]

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In Karlstad the sun is always shining

I had four nights in Karlstad, every one of those was special. Together we explored Karlstad by cycle, eating Vietnam food, visited a nature area where we stopped for coffee and cookies. Drank wine and whiskey and just had a good time. We also did a car drive to Hammarö and the very south of it ,in blown. My days in Sun City has charged my battreier both physically and mentally, I will definitely return [...]

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My first goal, Karlstad is reached

Everything worked as it should, except that I lost the kickstand to my bicycle (Bike Stand). I have tried to choose roads with little traffic for three reasons, safety, surroundings and silence. If You have time leave the mainroads and look for roads through countryside. Lots of small village with curious people and nice environments to fix your gaze at. Four young horses with inquisitive mind Best road so far is between Edsbyn and [...]

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Take Of day

Saturday, I woke up well rested and the first thing I did was ... how is the weather? Cloudy and raining with elements of snow, it is reality and You must like it. Ten a clock from Resecentrum I will start pedaling south and I´ve been told that the local newspaper will be there and also some of my friend to say goodbye and good luck and my feelings they are... Feels Unreal But Exciting. [...]

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My final preparations

My last three days has been busy, cleaning up the apartment, but with some help from "JaJaMen" company, some visit at my furniture storage, selling my car, phone calls and things like that. Here is my furniture store The two last  nights I spent in my colleague's apartment and I'm very thankful for his generosity, Thank's Kenth. Something you can't influence is the weather and thanks for that, but it could have been [...]

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