Almost three weeks left…

Three weeks go fast, but I'm feeling it's hard to wait until I lift my right leg over the top tube on my Surly Long Haul Trucker and pedaling away south. When I do that, is it almost three-year long bike ride ahead of me, up hill and down dale, but I'm going love it. Can You imagine?. I can, I've dreamed about it. There is another solo cyclist from my county, Fredrika Ek and [...]

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Today´s listening on radio (P1) made me sad but not surprised

Swedish Banks contributing to deforestation Criticism has been leveled against several major Swedish banks, accused of investing in companies that devastates rainforest in Borneo, and build facilities that forces away the indigenous people from their land. Deforeststation of rainforest What can You do - Next time You visit and/or communicate with Your bank, make demands and ask how their funds invest their money. Do not forget even your voice can be heard and [...]

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Problems with my new bike

  I have since last autumn planning for a new bike, Of course I have been able to stick to my current, Trekk with aluminum frame, but if an accident occurs and welding is necessary,  a steel frame is more easy to repair, especially at countryside in countries with less technic Equipments and skills Another reason for a new bike is, steel frame is more rigid and that will be needed. Surly Long Haul Trucker is an [...]

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