All my stuff… Puhh!

  Sunday evening and my preparations continues. More cartons to fill up with differents stuff and then cleaning up lockers and boxes. At this very moment, I wonder why it necessary to buy so many gadgets. Most of them is unnecessary and unneeded. Therefore the disposal of unneeded assets is started, sorting, throwing away, and donating to secondhand shops, thousands of gadgets in any case to take care of. I wonder how many "planet earth" [...]

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My Global Cycling Tour

My Global Cycling Tour In the past year I have been thinking and then definitely making a Global, Round The World  cycling tour  I have previously during my holidays cycled around in Europe during three four weeks and also a bike ride through Cuba. So I am no a rookie cyclist but so far and under so long time I have never done before I got the idea when I read an article about another [...]

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