Long waiting for the flight home

The drive from Khorog to Dushanbe took 14 hours. The first 100 km was so dusty and gave me big problems with my trachea and breathing. In addition the jeep shooked and jumped up and down so it was impossible to rest. When we came to Green House Hostel there were lots of bikers, but no problem to get a bed The next day we booked the flight home with Somon Air  or rather to [...]

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Cancels my journey

My asthma problems are not getting better and I get the advice of a Dutch doctor and motorcyclist who lives here to make a break and go home to Sweden for medical examination.  My last two nights I had to sit up when sleeping. - Remember, you're going up to high altitude and with your problems right now I advise you to not continue. - Too risky for your health he said! I was thinking back [...]

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Khorogh asthma problem

I arrive at Khorogh at noon and the town is full of people. Looks like it's a market day because there are people every where and the traffic is lively Also see some cyclists. I look for the tourist office and get some tips about the town. The place I planned to stay at is called Pamir Lodge and is located on the other side of the river, Panji river. I crossed the bridge and [...]

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Gravel road, dust, loose stones and stomach disease

That I am now in a country where it is sparsely between settlements I am reminded of.  Extremely few houses for several miles and traffic is also very sparing.  The landscape is mountainous, dry but majestic, the road is perfect, seems to be newly asphalted and towering mountains on both sides of the Panji River. To Khorogh it's about 350 km and I've been told that de last 280 km is gravel road, narrow, loose [...]

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Climbing Kulob pass and a happy guy in Kisht

Yesterday I found a tentplace close to the mainroad and with a view down the Kolubvalley. After a late evening dinner I fell into deep sleep quickly. 96 km on a bicycle weighing more than 50 kg and + 30 ˚ C heat is on one's strengths Today, my plan is to take me across the mountain pass and down to Khirmanjo valley where the Panji River river divides Tajikistan and Afghanistan After some hours of cycling [...]

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Kulob, and more broken spooks

I woke up early, just before six and I skip the breakfast and cycle towards Kolub and as usual, the sun shines from clear blue skies and no clouds are visible. No rain today either! The German couple had already cycled away when I start, but after a few miles I see their backs.. The road is quite flat, just a few small slopes and it is among the best I've been cycling in Tajikistan. [...]

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Leaving Dushanbe for Kulob

Three nights in Dushanbe at Green House Hostel without doing nothing was very nice to body and soul. From Dushanbe to Kulob and then to Khorough is quite tough so every hour for the body and head to get rest is worth much. Green House Hostel entrance staircase This hostel is very poular for everyone who has planned to travel over Pamir and highway 41 Here there are many experienced Pamir travelers [...]

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Samarkand, and closed border to Tadjikistan

Samarkand is a modern city, Uzbekistan's second largest. The Fairy Tale City,"Thousand and One Nights" you do not see much of it. The traffic is lively but respects pedestrians much like home in Sweden and lots of people every where. Of course there are old monuments and buildings left to visit and it is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. It's hard to understand what incredible craftsmanship is behind all this beauty that the buildings have I [...]

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Baku and my flight to Tashkent in Uzbekistan

I stayed in Baku for four nights while I was waiting for my flight to Tasjkent. I had booked through the an internet webside a Hostel, Baku Sport Hostel which was cheap but that was all . The service level was under all criticism, as well as the cleaning. Uninterested and uncommitted personal and so on. I'll not recommend this hostel. Cheap is the best you can say about this hostel. The first [...]

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Refused VISA – No entrance to Turkmenistan, and visiting a english schoolclass

It has now been four days and yet no reply from the Turkmenistans Consulate regarding my VISA application. Refused VISA - No entrance to Ashagbat and Turkmenistan - Come back tomorrow, said the woman on the other side the hatch when I visited the consulate today and she gave me a handwritten scrap of paper with a 4 digit number on and continued with,,, - Show this number for the official tomorrow Then [...]

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