I’m leaving a Tam Coc I’ve fallen in love with me and now head south.

My route will first go to Sam Son and then Cua Lo, Quan Hau, Hue and Da Nang where I probably will meet my dear bikers’ friends Philip and Beata whom I met in Turkey and Tadjikstan since last year.

I really look forward to that.

Everywhere after my itinerary through Vietnam I meet smiling people, both children, men and women, older people, and it also seems to be real smiles and this makes me happy.
In addition, it is now much easier to communicate compared to what it was in China, most people understand at least some of what I say in English.

What’s extra fun is that younger and children seem to be able to speak and understand more English than adults.
My route to Da Nang is so far quite simple. No slopes and road standards are absolutely OK.

Have never been to Vietnam before and despite reading other people’s travel stories, this surpasses my expectations.
I would really recommend you to vacation in Vietnam, you will not be disappointed.

In Sam Son, located right on the Indian Ocean, I took my first bath in the ocean and the feeling is indescribable, almost 30 degrees warm and the salty taste in mouth is lovely. I stayed here one night.

The day after about 10 km from Cua Lo I meet two touring cyclists, Nico from Germany and Kevin ft USA.

It’s the first time since Kashgar in China I meet other cyclists who do not come from the country I’m in.
Nico and Kevin are their name and Kevin from USA and Florida is a really experienced long-term cyclist.

We are accompanied together to Cow Lo and enter the same hotel and have a dinner together later in the evening.

Take a look at Kevins blog … https://kevinkoski.com/

Three days later, I get my first tough challenge when I’m climbing the Hai van Pass about 40 km from Da Nang.

The mountain pass is about 14 km long mountain slope but with breathtaking views down towards the Indian Ocean.

View from Hai Van Pass

After reaching the top, I discovered that my brakes did not really cope with the stressful execution downwards the mountain pass so I have to take it very calmly.

I came down from the mountain with almost no brakes at all. When I get to Da Nang, I have to look for a serious bike workshop to fix this.
Just after 5 pm I cycle into Da Nang and the evening dusk has settled, also the traffic jam.

The traffic is more than crazy, thousands of moped scooters around my bike and I am glad that no accident occur.

I stoped at a coffee bar i the middle of Da Nang, mostly so I can connect through WiFi.
I sent a message to Philip and Beata and tell them I’m looking for a hotel across the Dragon Bridge and Han River.

The bridge is designed and built in the shape of a dragon and to breathe fire and water every Saturday and Sunday night at 9 PM.
Just after the bridge om my left side I see a hotel that’s seems to fit my wallet, Dang’s hotel.

Twenty minutes later I open my hotelroom door and installing my self.

See Yeah later
The Global Cyclist