The morning os cold and I feel frozen. I slept restlessly during the night, probably because of the cold.

No breakfast, not in a mood making breakfast when the temperature is below zero.

First two three km upwards, then flat for an km but the last one a really tough climbing up to Lake Hawea lookout.

Divine but cold morning andf Lake Hawea is also with me

If I was exhaused few minutes ago the lookout gave me my strength and the joy back. Wow … I’m completely speechless.

This place is called ”The Neck” a small Isthums between Hawea and Wanaka lakes

The road continue along the lake for another five km…

Lake Hawea in sunny weather. I get goose bumps.

then it turns to left and then to right over to next lake, Wanaka.

For many, many years ago those lakes was just one but today an Isthums divides them and that place is called The Neck

Now the sun has become a friend again, warming me up quite well.

Wanaka is New Zealand’s fourth largest lake and is so beautiful so I cant find word to describe it.

From early morning to noon I cycled with views like this. World Class, amazing, outstanding, you name it

I follow the lake almost to Makarora, up and down, up and down, many small slopes all morning until noon.

The road is good and very little traffic.

Just after 1 pm I arrive to Makarora, a village with only few houses but with an small airfield, which take tourist up to the mountains and glaciers, turistcenter with a shop and a restaurant and close to it som cabins if You need somewhere to sleep.

Makarora center and village 

The sun is now warming quite well and I stop for lunch and charge the mobile phone.
While I eat, I get company by a bulldog-like dog that is hungry and cuddly.

Just before half past two  ’m on the road again. and my goal today is the top of Haast pass and of course a climbing for several km, that has Maps.Me told me.

I stopped shortly before the climb would start for an quick visit to The Blue Pools.

It is a popular attraction where two rivers meet. A stepped trail and two suspension bridges take me there.

one of the two suspension bridges to Blue Pool.A sign tells no more then 10 person at same time.

Blue Pools are deep river pools where the Blue River joins the Makarora River. This season is low water but still very blue.

the water colour is very blue, turquoise almost

The name has it got from the unique blue color of the water and is a result of light refraction on the very clear and also icy cold water.

Then back to my bicycle and starting my climbing upwards Haast pass.

Just after the peak, a few km down I found a green spot close to the road on my right side to pitch up my tent.

At the top of Haast pass, the landscape turn into to a rainforest-like forest

The clock has just become over 18 and the darkness has started. After late dinner, coffee and a small glas of Whisky then I fell into deep sleep. A another day with beautiful cycling. New Zealand, is a world heritage all over the country

Tomorrow 50 km easy cycling down to the Tasmanien sea and village Haast.

See Yeah later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist