After two rest days at Wilderness Accommodation I was ready for the next goal. Glacier resorts or Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers.
The first day’s cycling was both easy and tough, hilly and steep, but also very, very beautiful.
My first  stop was at Ship Creek Walk but the flies was to many and aggressive so I stayed only few minutes.

My next stop was more was more necessary. Three tough slopes made my legs quite tired.

Knights Point was the name of the lookout where I stoped and the view down the ocean both south and north was divinely beautiful.

The view from here was stunning

The view north from Knights Point Lookout

The sun was nice so I also stayed extra time  for a early lunch. Then up on the biker again and pedaling forward.


The view from here was stunning

This day’s goal was Bruce Bay, about 80 km from Haats, a popular bay where many stop to photograph the power of the sea and waves, about 45 km from Fox Glacier township

Five km from the bay I got puncture. I was tired and not in mood to pick off all the packing and change the hose so I hoped it would suffice to pump the tire to number of times and change tube next morning.

It works! Five time I needed to pump up rear tire before I was at the Bruce Bay.

When I got there were already three – four cars and motorhomes on the parking place at the bay.

I found a free space for a motorhome bus and 30 minutes later I’m sitting inside my tent and eat.

Soon the rain and storm will come

Outside is soon totally dark, the ocean waves have white backs and are getting bigger every minute, and the rain is also soon here.

I have tide up all the ropes to the tent because of the hard wind and the rain.

I fall asleep quickly even though I have my earbuds in my ear and listen to downloaded Swedish news events

See Yeah Later
// P-G
The Global Cyclist