I woke up tired and frozen and the tent canvas was icy. 
I skipped the breakfast until later when the sun has rised up.

Morning from Hasst pass was cold and wet

The route down to the coast is easy, mostley downwards and flat.

The road is in some places dark with moisture so I need to keep a cool head and not let the speed take over.
After around one hours cycling, the sun shines right into my face and heat me up both physically and mentally.

The steep and winding road is now behind me and after another 30 minutes I stop when I see a service place with camping table in the middle of a bg green spot.

The sun is now warm enough to raise the temperature above 15 °C.
I pick up the camping kitchen, yoghurt, muesli, bread and cheese and start my delayed breakfast.

Now I[m I good mood. The sun is warming and the breakfast taste more than good

This place s also a parking place for those who want to walk up to an waterfall. Within fifteen minutes the parking place is full and I enjoy every minutes here in the sun.

Then more easy cycling to Haast, not more than 27 km and the sun s still smiling.

Just a few km left to an long awaited warm bed and shower

Haast is an very small village, just a few houses, two backpackers hostels, a small supermarket, restaurant and of course a helicopter service company.

I booked two nights at Wilderness Accommodation hostel. I need to wash up some cloth and dry up my tent, sleeping bag and pillow.

Two days here in Haast with sunny weather and good sleeping It’s done me the world of good. So now I’m ready for next goal, The glacier townships, Fox and Franz Josef.

See Yeah Later

// P-G

The Global Cyclist