OK It’s time again

After my rehab from breathing problem which stopped me last year in Khorog I’m now ready to start again.

I took a flight from Arlanda to Dushanbe in Tadjikistan and then a shared jeep to Khorugh from were my bicycle journey will start.

My route plan is the north route over Pamir by Murgab and to Irkestham, the Border Control into China, and then further down through Yunnan valley into Vietnam and so on…

My flight did work out fine, no problem, I landed in Dushanbe 0415 am and a taxi took me to the popular hostel for Pamir riders, Green House Hostel.

I stayed here two nights, booked the shared taxi to Khorog and of course watch the 1/8 final between Sweden and Schweiz, and to my great happiness, Sweden won

Sweden won 1-0 against Schweiz

Next day I woke up early because the jeep driver will pick me up 06.00 am. After a visit a place resembling a jeep station starts a 14.5 hour long journey towards Khorugh .

First part to Kulob is quite easy, the roads is OK and paved. but from Kulob and up over the Kulobpass the roads are bad, most gravel and dirty roads.

Five or six km after we pass the Kulobpass it seems that the Tajikan authority for roads has had plenty of money because now the road is very well and paved.

The landscape is very beautiful despite the lack of greenery. Big mountains everywhere and between them flows the Panjiriver.

When we passed a small village, Toged, the fun ends, now a 270 km long and shaky trip on gravel roads to Khorugh starts.

The Jeep loses steering control and we were very close to crash into Panji River

The trip could have ended badly because an error occurred with the jeeps steering control.

The driver had to break with all the power and luckily stopped the jeep less then one meter from the edge and crash in Pamji river

That’s was close he said and looked at me

Our GOD was with us today.

After an half an hour he had fixed the steering problem and we could go on to Khorog.

No more problems and he stopped outside Pamir Lodge 22.30 which is my hostel here in Khorog.

Young girl approached me at the entrance and I asked her If they had a room and a bed for me

 – No Problems she sad
’ – Do you want a private or dormitory

 – It’s OK with dormitory I answered here

Within 15 minutes, I had fallen asleep

See Yeah Then
// P-G

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