The Ferry from Mersing to Tekek på Pulau Tioman took 2 hours and it was dark when I arrived. Tekek is a very, very small town, just one street but there is an airport here.

This is the ferry and fishermans harbor at Tekek

After searching for hotelroom for about 30 minutes I found a cheap one close to the beach, Coral Reef.
It’s not much to do on the Island other than relaxing, bathing, snorkeling and diving. Of Course you can climbing in the rainforest. 

With a cold beer, warm evning and sunset you are free of stress

In Tekek you will find police station, bank and an airport, many small bars och shops selling gifts.

Incredibly, Tekek has an airport. Slightly smaller than Schiphols in Amsterdam!!

There are plenty of coves and some of them has small hotels with cabins and divingshops.

This bridge is used extensively by divers

The second day I was on the island I joined a snorkeling tour for a whole day,. It was like swimming i an Aquarium. Lots of colourful fishes and corals.

soon time to switch to a wetter element

To come real close to the fishes you bring a piece of bread with under the water.

The fishes eat the voracious appetite direct out of your hand. Before we took the speedboat back to Terek harbor they stoped 50 meters from an Island that one must not visit.

a big impressed lizard who when he saw us disappeared quickly into the rainforest

On the island there are some large lizards that are protected. We was lucky to see some of them.

Next morning it was time to go back to the mainland and my planned itinerary down to Singapore.

See Yeah Later
// P-G
The Global Cyclist