A cycling tour around
The Green Island


This year my interest was The Green Island – EIRE. First a flight from Skavsta airport to Dublin then one night at a hotel before I start my journey around the island.

My Ireland bicycle tour 2009

My first goal was Galway which lies by the River Corrib between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay.

From Dublin it is a distance of almost 300 km. In Galway I stayed for a few nights and I also visit the Cliffs Of Moher, located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region, the place is frequented visit by tourists who want to see mighty sea cliffs drop a sheer more than 200 m into the Atlantic.  

Then I cycled south down to Cork before before turning my bikeride north towards Dublin. Before I entered into Cork I stoped in Killarney which lies approximately 100 km northwest of Cork .

Killarney has an beautiful national park which I hadto visit and walk around in. The city is small, barely 13000 inhabitants but lies very beautiful at the Killarney Lakes.

The weather was cool and rainy and as soon as the sun was shining I stopped for drying my clothes I was wearing.

The Island is really ”green”

Of course their postboxes is green

and horses everywhere. I heard a rumor that some Swedish trot owners send their horses to Ireland so that they can graze of the juicy grass.

Pubs are everywhere no matter how small the village is, there is always a pub to buy a Guiness.

I did not stoped in Cork even though the sun was shining from a clear blue sky and people sat on benches and ate ice cream but decided to continue to Midelton instead, about 30 km north from Cork.


In Midleton they have an Whiskey distillery  which I was interested to visit.

Four days later I cycled in to Dublin by following the river Liffey. What I did not figured out was that U2 had a concert in Dublin and almost all hotel rooms were booked.

I found a hostel down by the river which usually costs 10 € now cost £ 100. What to do?

– Just bite the bullet –

In Dublin I stayed for three nights and of course I visit The Templebar by the river Liffey. 

Do not miss making a visit to the Guiness Brewery Museum. Three or four floors with Guiness history, tasting of beer and souvenir shops and at the top, they have a rotating restaurant, Gravity Bar  with a stunningly beautiful view of Liffey and Dublin.

Do not forget, Trinity College, where many of Dublin’s historical greats have been formed.

A walk about in Dublin requires good walking shoes, there is no subway and the tram only on a single street.

The fact that U2 had a concert could not be avoided, posters and advertisements everywhere and lots of young U2 fans  I also visited Dublin Zoo, but I am a bit ambivalent when it comes to keeping big wild animals in a cage or fenced.

It must be much better to ensure that the normal environment of the animals is better protected.

I arrived to Dublin late evning and a taxi would take me to an hotel near Dublin

Smal, narrow but nice cyclepath to ride on

For others the roads are not so nice, sad view. I had to stop to bury the cat

In Ireland in rural areas some of the houses are heated with peat and I promise you the smell is obvious.

Irish like horses and there was plenty of them

Irish food may not be so healthy but will work fine if you cycle 80-100 km each day. Lots of calories

Coffe break at one of many stonewalls, 15 km from Galway 

In the summer Galway is a poular city for lots of tourists

Through Galway flows the river Corrib

A  Guiness pint- The best beer in the world

Cliff of Mohrer  are sea cliffs located at the southwestern edge of the Burren region and about 80 km southwest from Galway. 

The road to the cliffs are mostly narrow and curvy but very beautiful. 

Cliffs of Mohrer also recognized by UNESCO and every year 1.5 million people visit the cliffs. 

The cliffs rise between 120 meters above the Atlantic Ocean at Hag’s Head, and, in the north, their maximum height is 214 meters

30 km from Cliffs of Mohrer lies Ballyvaughan a small village but close to it there is a bay which is popular by surfers.

Back to Galway the weather was chilly and its drizzle and I longed for hot food and a cold beer

After a whole day by the Cliffs of Mohrer, hot food was necessary and also relaxing time before my southern journey.

Of Course – Pint of Guiness

On my way back to my hotelroom Could not stop visiting a pub playing Irish live music and another Guiness

Sometimes a bed is very comfortable and especially after today’s hardship

My southern route to Cork

This shows my southern route from Galway to Cork before turning towards Dublin

Sometimes the roads more similar to a pathway

Colourful market shops in Ennis

From Ennis to Tabert I cycled through many small villages and just outside one of them I asked a farmer if it was Okey to camp under some of the big oaks.

– Of Course, but watch out for the cattle

Bike art in Ballynacally

The landscape is green, the postboxes also so why not to also paint the house green

When I came to Killimer it was pouring rain and I was wet. I locked the bike and went into the ferry terminal building to wait for the ferry over Shannon Estuary to Tarbert


It´s still raining but soon I will have the opportunity to change to dry clothes and a awaited hot shower.

Two nights at this hotel gave me fresch, dry clothes and more power to continue my journey to Cork

Those nice Killarney guys invited me  for an Guinness

Live music almost in every corner and Irish music is catchy

Jarvey in dispute with the NPWS

The National Parks and Wildlife Service – which manages the park – has told the Jarveys (Hackney coach) they are banned to enter Killarney National Park with their horse-drawn jaunting cars until they sign up to using the dung-catching devices.

Catch it – Manure Bag

 – Did anyone asked the horse for his opinion? –

It´s dosen´t matter which town it is, when it´s summer the shopping streets are always occupied by tourist

Entrance to Killarney National Park

I Love this kind of nature view

Whow, what to say about this view. I´m speechless.
Here you can sit and just admiring the amazing view for several hours

More nice flowers in Killarney national park

More amazing views – Killarney lakes

Flower with a snail visitor

It’s hard not to fix your eyes at this colorful roof

They are waiting for the gate to be opened so they can graze the juicy grass at the meadow


River Lee is floating eastwards through Cork and now I will turn my bicycle northeast against Dublin

Oliver Plukett street is very popular by tourists

Midleton main street

At this hotel, An Stór Midleton Townhouse I stayed for two nights

Entrance to Jameson distillery

A Giant Kettle

Perhaps for thirsty whiskey visitors!

Interior and souvenir shop inside the Jameson distillery

Old carriage
Has no suggestions as to what it was used for

Cellar interior

Whiskey age

Whiskey tasting!

Later I got an diplom that I´m a Irish Whiskey fancier

Three way to mix your Whiskey drink

View down to Dungarvan

Old sailboat and tourist attraction in New Ross

The flags tells me I’m at JFK´s Great Grandfather’s birthplace at it lies outside New Ross

His small cottage has been maintained well

The climbing plants seem to be thriving

another tent camping place, and my sleeping bag is on the fence for dehydration

You can use a bike for much more than just cycling

River Nore’ which is known for its salmon and trout floats past Thomastown

River Nore in Killkenny

Kilkenny castle built 1195

Back in Dublin and of course the obligatory pub round

The bike is in its carton and now I’m waiting for the hotel bus to the airport and my

last trip back home to Sweden