It is not easy to fell into sleep at plane, but after a hour I sleept. Woke up when the air hostess asked if I wanted breakfast.

We are landing quite exact 09.30 Sydney airport. All controls without problems, as well as getting my luggage and my bicycle carton.

Then I search for my check in desk och checkar in mitt bagage. Of course, I have to pay an extra fee for the bicycle carton, but in the meantime everything goes according to plan.

Looking up a bar and finding a Vietnamese and do not hesitate for a second. I like their cuisine.

Sitting here for a few hours with the food, the coffee and some beers. Purchase some photo magazines and only relax while waiting for the plane to depart at 17.55 local time.

At 23:00 New Zealand time, we land at Christchurch Airport, Christchurch International Airport.

On the plane I have had to fill out a form about what I have in my luggage. Kind of food, camping equipment, medicin, alcohol, weapens, and so on.

We landed at Christchurch airport 23.00 and I was tired

a rugby team did accompanied me while we waited for baggage

Everything worked fine until the last control before I exit the airport.

They checked my form I filled in on the plane and then they asked me to show them my tent

I show them my red North Face bag and a security women took care of it and walked away into a room and she told me to wait.

After 15 minutes she came back an said they found some ants into the tent.
She gave me two options. Leave my tent for destruction at this gate for free or pay a fee to send it away for Biosecurity Clearance to an cost of 160 NZD.

Just face it. I need the tent, so what to do. She told me that it will take about 4-6 days to clean it up.

She also told me they will notify me by e-mail when I could pick it up.

A company outside Christchurch takes care of the biosecurity clearance.

Then looking up for a transport into Christchurch. I was lucky, shuttle bus outside the airport just ready to go into town.

Here I will stay a week or so. Very popular place for backpackers.

30 minutes later the shuttle bus driver drop me off outside mu hostel Kiwi House Hostel at Glouchester street.

The hostel was closed until 08.00 so I have to wait outside couple of hours before I could check in.

See Yeah later
// P-G
The Global Cyclist