My Global Cycling Tour

In the past year I have been thinking and then definitely making a Global, Round The World  cycling tour 
I have previously during my holidays cycled around in Europe during three four weeks and also a bike ride through Cuba.

So I am no a rookie cyclist but so far and under so long time I have never done before

I got the idea when I read an article about another cyclist who makes a global cycling trip, a young girl from my neighborhood. You can check out her blog, The Bike Ramble, it is both fun to follow and well written.

 Another long-distance cyclist who inspired me is Lars Bengtsson, The Lost Cyclist, also check out his website. He is a real professional on this type of adventure

My global trip I intend to start on April 1, 2017 from Örnsköldsvik, my home town.

My global cycling Journey planned route

If you are interested you are welcome to follow me on my journey through my blog, try to update it as often as I can but everything depends on which internet connections I access.

See Yeah Later
// P-G

The Global Cyclist