My last three days has been busy, cleaning up the apartment, but with some help from ”JaJaMen” company, some visit at my furniture storage, selling my car, phone calls and things like that.

Nybyggnad Örnsköldsvik 8:27 Hamnplan Sliperiet FjällrävenHere is mu furniture store...

Here is my furniture store

The two last  nights I spent in my colleague’s apartment and I’m very thankful for his generosity, Thank’s Kenth.

Something you can’t influence is the weather and thanks for that, but it could have been better, rain and snow alternately, but so what could it have been worse.

Friday my last day at home, but f course I must visit the F & S for a final excercise pass with Elisabeth, (exercise leader) and she was the same as always, PG, look at your body posture, straighten your back up

How do I manage to be without F&S for almost three years? F&S, You are the best –  I love You…. SKYPE…?!!

See Yeah

// P-G

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