My fever and fever aches has dropped and I’m ready to head south through the Yunnan Valley and then into Vietnam which I am now looking forward to.
Almost two months in China with all the problems I’ve had, I think it’s enough.

My main goal now is to vist Beipanjiang Bridge, Duge och cycle over it. The bridge is the highest Suspension bridge in the world.

The bridge seen from. Duge town

From Liupanshui to Duge it’s about 90 km and most of the route is good but some sweaty slopes I still had to fight over.

One of many small villages I passed by to my goal Sigexiang

Yunnan is China’s most diverse province, both biologically and culturally. The province contains both mountains with snowy peaks and real tropical areas. It’s nice and magical feeling cycling through it. Sometimes it feels like you are a part with the nature.

Yunnan is truly a scenic landscape

I arrive at Dugexiang in the afternoon and the bridge is clearly above me.

Tomorrow I’m going to ride it over. ’

Dugexiang is a small lively and crowded town with the Beipan River that passes by.

A very nice hotel room in the middle of town for 80 Yuan will be my sleeperpartner tonight.

My legs feels a little bit tired so I need a good cozy bed

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