My global bicycle trip interests more than just myself, and today the local news visit me and would like to know more of my thoughts and how my route looks like, why I am doing this trip and what part of the trip I most look forward to and so on.

Outside it is full winter which nowadays is a rarity even up here i north and sadly enough, it will become increasingly common.
The global warming takes an a huge grip on the environment and I hope I would be able to notice how it looks like in other places around my trip.

After the interview the journalist insisted he wants take some pictures of me on my bike full loaded and he proposed that a location down by the marinan would be perfect.

My thoughts looks like be somwere else…. or

Down to the basement, loaded my bicycle with my panniers, handlebar-bag, duffelbag and then pedaling away down to harbor.

I was a little hesitative and also a bit scared, because my bicycle wasn’t prepared for winter-biking, a broken wrist or ankel was nothing I wished me right now, but everything did well and he got his pictures.

Meanwhile sitting on the bike, my thoughts fade away for some seconds, it’s only 10 weeks left until I leave this city for almost three years, given almost unreal but exciting