Goodby Kyrgyztanm now China waiting

Now I’m leaving Kyrgyzstan with good memories. Kyrgyzstan has been a positive surprise to me and now is China waiting.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard sad stories about how my meeting with China will be.
Security checks, Police officers looking after to check visa and passports. No knives allowed, no tentative etc.

Shortly after nine, I am on the bike with Irkestham direction, which is the Kyrgyz border control
The road is very good and no steep slopes the first 25 km either, but the GPS still shows 1-2%.

Sary Tash is located at 2950 meters above sea level and the highest pass today is 3570 meters above sea level so little climbing it still gets to be.

After about 12 km, and for the first time this global cycling restart I ride past a couple from New Zealand. We exchanged some words with each other then I rode on.

After another 12 km the climbing started and also the crosswinds, and sometimes very hard, the landscape is more than beautiful, I am breathless.

Whatching all the white mountains include the Lenin Peak, 7134 m

3570 m.a.s.l and I am pleased to be a part of this beautiful scenery

I was really tired when I at least climbed over Töö Morun pass at 3570 m.a.s.l

Gradually, I see a green landscape reducing before arriving to a pasture where yaks and sheep roam in the wild. Wow.

During the day I met several cyclists but they had the opposite direction than me.
I remembered that the man from NZ told me that some km from Irkeshtam a small village Nura was located.

I meet these cyclist from Sweden ans USA some km from Nura. It is always fun to meet another swede. Talking Swedish…

I had that in mind but I did only a short stop for shopping some food in this village where all houses had same blue colored roofs.

All the houses had same blue colored roofs, a memory from tearthquake that took place in 2008

Before I left I asked the owner to the shop for waterrefilling and it end up in that I was invited for sausage and egg omelett, te and bread with home made butter.

What to say about their hospitality!, I’m overwhelmed

This family invited me for dínner

Just after half past six I entered Irkeshtam and lots of trucks was waiting for passing the border to China.

Irkeshtam is nothing but an border crossing.

I found a suitable place behind four truckers to pitch up my tent.

Behind four trucker I pitch up my tent. Soon after the wind started to act 

Then a short walk to a cart where they served some sort of coffee.!!

Just after 21:00 I crawl into my Marmot sleeping bag, I am tired

See Yeah from China

// P-G