After Hanzhong I headed for Nanchong and Luzhou and all day long I rode the G212 up to the mountains and between all the small  pitoresque villages.

It must be harvest time for corn in this region right now, because in every city corncobs and corn are spread to dry.

Sometimes the whole village is yellow.

After harvest, corn cobs laid out on the road to dry

Everyone seems to be a maize grower.

In some villages up here among the mountains, it seems that the residents have a little better financially.

The houses are bigger and more well-built, and the cars are also bigger and more luxurious.

It seems like Thursdays and Fridays the burn paper and junk and sometimes they have also lit light.

In some other villages being a small farmer in China, you need to be prepared to work hard and with old tools and machines.

The farmer lady rake the seed

The farmer thrash out the seed and the baskets its very heavy, I tried.

For me who come from Sweden, it seems to be a hard labor to be a farmer in China

I also had some days with incredible heat, not many days under 37-38 degrees.




The head is soon going to kill me

Navigating in China, you need good offline maps. I’m using and it worked well until now.



Maps.Me Offline map and navigator.

To Use Google Maps is both very expensive and you also need an VPN Tunnel client, liker Express VPN.

It started in Nanchong where Maps,mer told me to cross a bridge against a road that was not there

It then continued in Guang’an where I was asked to turn right 150 meters before the crossing.

Then shows that I’ll ride 6.2 km straight ahead, but that road ends at a bus station.

When I arrive at Zaoshanzhen and will go on to Luzhou, Maps tells me to turn 4.5 km.

I had to enter a hotel in town because I was both tired physically and mentally after 107 km and it was soon dark.

Hope it works better tomorrow when I plan to go for Luzhou

Now I’m going to bed and dream deeply about an easy road out of Zaoshanzhen.

See Yeah

// P-G