I wake up just before seven but was not sure If Rhys said Bejing time och Bishkek time so I waited to half past seven before I knocked on their door. 

Rhys Iphone clock has changed back to Bishkek time, so it was only half past six instead of half past eight.  

40 minutes later we both sit and have breakfast at a restaurant near the hotel, Diane passed.

The bike ride towards Kashgar went well, we had a little to climbe bit after about 12, 13 km but then just downwards.

Road No. 441 we planned to ride on was blocked so it became highway instead.

Not easy to understand Chinese road signs


Melon break

We had the lunch at an ”truckstop” after 40 km and here we also became passport and visa checked.

After our lunch we found a smaller road, and now we also get police escort all the way, just over 50 km to Kashgar.

They lied behind us all the time, if we stayed, they stayed. Four different police escorts followed us all afternoon to Kashgar.

About 10 km from Kashgar we got a crossvind the dust was so tight so it was problem to see more than 25 meters ahead.

Dusty Road

FFP2 filtermask

Rhys was our captain and  just a few km left

Kashgar Old Town Youth Hostel and my ”Kentha”

See Yeah Later from Kashgar

// P-G